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Model: 791644
The elegant light-blue Color: of this authentic Italian Murano glass charm portrays the shades of the dress worn by Elsa and also represents her serene and graceful beauty. The charm’s mesmerizing fluorescent light effect suggests ice and reflects the search for inner peace and self-acceptance. Colo..
£16.64 £52.00
Model: 798045EN82
The stars of Andy's toy box come to your jewellery box for the first time as fantastically crafted character dangles. The Toy Story squeeze toy alien is imagined as a charm on this sterling silver design, detailed with open arms and mouth, three eyes, a club-tipped antenna and a brilliant blue ename..
£17.60 £55.00
Model: 798042CZR
Take your styling to infinity and beyond—the catchphrase of everyone's favourite Buzz Lightyear, which is engraved on this sterling silver charm. The dangle is crafted with articulated arms and legs that move with you. And Buzz's signature space suit is touched with flashes of purple enamel and a re..
£22.40 £70.00
Model: 798048CCZ
The tomboyish yodelling cowgirl Jessie from the Toy Story trilogy is immortalised as a dangle, hand-finished in sterling silver. Detailed with her signature braids, whip-stitched cowboy hat and cow hide chaps, as well as a pull string back, the sterling silver charm is set with a golden stone that m..
£19.20 £60.00
Model: 798041ENMX
Decorate your bracelet with Andy's favourite toy: Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. Always there when you need him, the sterling silver character dangle is a nostalgic addition to any styling—especially for lovers of the classic Disney tale. Inscribed on the bail with the first line of the film's theme ..
£19.20 £60.00
Model: 768040CZ
Add majestic appeal to a bracelet styling or necklace chain with this 18k gold-plated dangle, shaped as the Sultan's palace in Agrabah, home of Princess Jasmine in the tale of Aladdin. The Pandora Shine piece is set with shimmering stones on each side of the bail.Metal: 18ct Gold Plated Stone: Cubic..
£28.80 £90.00
Model: 791897ENMX
This sweet and dreamlike dangle in .925 sterling silver, featuring white and mint-colored enamel, portrays Alice and the magic potion responsible for making her shrink in size. A truly enchanting charm, it will trigger your imagination and add a playful twist to your collection. Color: Green , Turqu..
£21.44 £67.00
Model: 791896ENMX
Incredibly detailed, this whimsical and colorful .925 sterling silver charm vividly illustrates the high-spirited fun of the classic Mad Hatter's Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland. Color: Blue , Green , Orange , Yellow Material: Enamel Metal: Sterling silver Themes: Disney Product type: Charms Style..
£21.44 £67.00
Model: 791591ENMX
This vividly colored dress dangle is dedicated to Anna, the fearless heroine from Frozen. She is portrayed as an ever-caring and optimistic friend, making this charm a sweet present for celebrating a cherished friendship. Color: Black , Blue , Pink Material: Enamel Metal: Sterling silver Themes: Di..
£21.44 £67.00
Model: 791895EN111
This sweet .925 sterling silver charm portrays Ariel in her graceful mermaid form, perched inside a decorative enamel shell. Her sweet likeness, combined with glittery details in seafoam green, makes this an enchanting tribute to a beloved Disney character. Color: Green Material: Enamel Metal: Ster..
£21.44 £67.00
Model: 791577ENMX
This vibrant green dress charm serves as an elegant representation of Princess Ariel, the lovable little mermaid in the classic Disney story. The sea foam -green Color: references her aquatic beginnings as well as her bright and adventurous spirit. Color: Green , Turquoise Material: Enamel Metal: S..
£21.44 £67.00
Model: 791574CZ
Seashells are part of the outfit worn by Ariel, and they also reference her underwater life. With its soft curves, embellished by sparkly stones, this gorgeous charm will bring an organic look and sense of underwater adventure to your collection.Metal: Sterling silver Stone: Cubic Zirconia Themes: D..
£23.04 £72.00
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