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Ear Cuffs

Model: 297214
Add the finishing touches to your look with this sterling silver earring cuff. Shaped as an open-ended heart, simply attach it to the top of your ear for instant attention-grabbing style.Metal: Sterling silver Product type: Earrings Style Code: 297214..
£15.04 £47.00
Model: 287214
The perfect gift for every fashion-forward female, this stylish heart-shaped earring cuff has a contemporary expression offset by the blush-pink hue of PANDORA Rose™.Metal: PANDORA Rose Product type: Earrings Style Code: 287214..
£40.64 £127.00
Model: 267214
Adorn your ear with this PANDORA Shine™ earring cuff, designed to sit above the lobe. Crafted from 18K gold plated sterling silver, it will add effortless edge and a touch of luxury to any look.Metal: 18ct Gold Plated Product type: Earrings Style Code: 267214..
£16.64 £52.00
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